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    Public marriage proposals aren't always the best idea, but a man recently staged a near perfect one — while his girlfriend was wearing a wedding dress.   

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    On Sunday, store clerk Stacy Phipps, 20, volunteered as a model in the Oregon Wedding Showcase, an exhibit for photography, catering, and bridal wear vendors, at the Salem Convention Center. Phipps, who was modeling wedding gowns onstage, had no idea that her boyfriend of six months, Josh Phillips, 22, was plotting a secret proposal.

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    “Stacy has always dreamed of her wedding day, so the showcase was the best place to propose,” Phillips tells Yahoo Shine. The Salem-based couple, who met through work two years ago, had discussed marriage in the past; however, Phipps had no idea that three weeks earlier, Phillips had purchased an engagement ring and made arrangements with the showcase.   

    “I was sitting in the f

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  • A small flower arrangement on the nightstand is a nice touch for overnight guests.

    Hosting guests in your home is one of the loveliest simple pleasures we can enjoy in our busy lives. For some inspiration you can incorporate into your own guest room, think of the charming bed and breakfast inns or perfect country house hotels you've encountered. Your personality will shine through in those thoughtful little touches which make such a charming difference to the comfort of your guests. Here are five of the best.

    Bath amenities
    Bring home those small shampoo, conditioner, body cream amenities from one of your recent hotel stays. Add some cotton balls and swabs, a shower cap, perhaps, a new toothbrush still in its wrapper. Just place the items in a basket or on a plate beside fresh towels on the bathroom counter for guests who may have forgotten their own. Leave a hair dryer out as well. How practical (and at no cost to you)!

    Room tray
    Prior to your guests' arrival, prepare a hand written welcome note to insert in an envelope left on a tray. Add a bottle of both sparkling a

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    A group of international scientists has located a possible fountain of youth, and it's in our kitchens. A new study in the Journal of Nutrition reports that older adults who consume higher amounts of polyphenols have a 30 percent chance of living longer. Polyphenols are micronutrients found mainly in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, coffee, and tea. Evidence suggests polyphenols have a role in preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases.

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    The 12-year study, which involved more than 800 participants, is the first to use a specific biomarker (in this case, urine analysis) to measure polyphenol levels, instead of relying on questionnaires. "The results corroborate scientific evidence suggesting that people consuming diets rich in fruit and vegetables are at lower risk of several chronic diseases and overall mortality," lead author Raúl Zamora Ros, PhD, of the University of Barcelo

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  • Bunting is a cozy way to welcome people into your home for fall.

    The crisp, cool air of autumn invites us to retreat indoors to the comfort of our homes. Swap out your summer brights for cozier home décor and wrap yourself in the warmth of the season. Here are five home accents that will add fall warmth to your home.

    1. A stack of vintage board games

    A spirited competition between family members is the perfect accompaniment to cool weather. Cozy up around the coffee table and break out your favorite vintage board games. Light a fire, grab your favorite hot beverage and get ready for a festive evening with loved ones.

    2. New flannel sheets

    Stow away your summer linens and add your extra blankets on top of a new set of soft flannel sheets. A flannel sheet set in a preppy plaid pattern is a comforting way to bring fall into your bedroom.

    3. Decadent candles

    The scents of fall trigger happy memories of years' past: your mom's apple crisp, pumpkin spice coffee with friends, and even pine trees can remind us of baking with family or an afternoon at the p

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  • By Kevin Aeh, Refinery29


    It's one thing to occasionally wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but it's quite another to be a killjoy every. single. day. Studies have shown that you'll lead a healthier, more fulfilled life when you're an optimistic person. "Optimism really can change your life," says Dr. Elaine Fox, a professor at Oxford University and author of Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain. And, guess what? Optimistic people don't have to be annoying, always-super-chirpy types. You can be a glass-half-full type of person without getting on everyone's nerves. "A healthy optimism is acting positively while at the same time being realistic and ready for what might not work out," she says.

    The 5 Smartest Ways To Make Extra Money

    So, you're ready to swap out all that negativity you're feeling, but how, exactly, do you become an optimistic person? Is it something you're just born with, or are there steps to make it over to the bright side? We got some helpful tips from Fox and a handf

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