How to get glowing, flawless skin

It may seem like celebrity beauties like Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian were born with perfect skin, but most of the credit for their enviable complexions should go to topical skincare products and conscientious consumption of food and beverages. Any woman can have celebrity looking skin with just a few lifestyle tweaks.

Water In

Celebrity trainer Valeria Waters' water-infused diet plan keeps Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez in prime shape. It's no small coincidence that Reese and Jennifer have glowing faces to complement their slamming bodies. Water consumption doesn't immediately hydrate your skin, but 64-ounces a day will help keep your body functioning at optimal levels and your skin healthy for the long haul!

Healthy Food Choices

Many foods that make up a nutrient rich, low calorie diet are naturally good for your skin. Renee Zellweger's favorite meal, salmon on a bed of spinach, is a major skin booster. According to WebMD , the essential fatty acids in salmon keep cell membranes in top-shape which will leave skin looking plump and youthful. No wonder Bridget Jones is timeless! Increase your intake of fatty acids with foods like with salmon, flax seeds and walnuts.


While most celebrities exercise for weight maintenance, the increased blood flow during a gym session also contributes to their red carpet glow. If finding time for exercise is difficult for you, start small with a 10-minute indoor walk to cleanse your skin from the inside out!

Water On

Ever hear the rumor that Cameron Diaz only washes her face with Evian? While this type of overreaching skin maintenance may be out of your budget, the basic idea is not. The chemicals added to water by treatment facilities, pipes and water softeners are not good for your skin. The installation of an inline shower filter will give you Diaz-level luxury. Less irritation will lead to more luminous skin.

Zit Zapping

When a celebrity gets a zit, a shot of cortisone is a must. Even if you can't afford an injection every time you break out, an average price point of $75 is not going to break the bank when an important meeting or social event is on your horizon. If you suffer from cystic acne, the cortisone is even more beneficial as it deals with the cyst in a matter of days versus months.


Celebrities rarely exfoliate like "the little people" since spas offer higher quality services than the consumer market. However, you can still get superb dead cell sloughing at a bargain price. Couple a weekly in-home exfoliating peel treatment with the every other day use of a drugstore exfoliating scrub to keep your skin glowing!


Megan Fox doesn't walk the red carpet in drugstore base applied with a generic sponge. While many celebs do possess good skin, they still use airbrush makeup to smooth out their flaws. Fortunately for non-celebs, beauty department stores have beefed up their airbrush makeup lines over the past year. While the initial investment in an airbrush unit will put a $150 to $250 dent in your pocketbook, subsequent purchases of compatible foundations are within department store price ranges.

Avert Attention

The final secret for celebrity skin is to detract attention from the odd flaws that appear on your face or body. If you have an insect bite on your neck, wear a necklace or scarf. When you have a pimple on your chin, conceal it and make up your eyes with false lashes, smoky liner and perfectly arched eyebrows to keep the attention away from your chin.