4 Ways to Solve Your Summer Skin Problems

Before you know it, Memorial Day Weekend (MDW, as some of us fondly call it) will be upon us, and your bathing suit will become part of your weekend wardrobe.

You've worked out, changed your diet to some healthier options and are ready to face the sand and waves. But what about a beach beauty blunder that happens after all your hard summer prep work? Fix your skin woes with these lifesavers to keep your flawless, glowing skin all summer long.

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Beach Blunder #1 - Beach Feet

The sand feels great under your feet, but after a weekend walking around on top of it, it doesn't always leave them looking great. Calluses, blisters from the hot sand, polish chips, you name it your poor feet will go through it this summer. Treat them to a little tootsie TLC with The Body Shop's Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask. The mint-infused treatment refreshes them after a weekend of abuse and restores them to their sqeaky clean condition.

Beach Blunder #2 - Cubicle Tan

Sadly, some of us might not even get to see the sand this summer, or if we do just briefly. Since the florescent lighting in your cubicle won't exactly give you that beach bunny glow you've been dreaming of all winter, Hawaiian Tropic Creme Lotion Self Tanner can help you out. It's lightweight and goes on evenly, so your coworkers can envy you, wondering when you found the time to hit the beach.

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Beach Blunder #3 - The Lone, Stray Hair

There is nothing more obnoxious than spreading out your towel, laying down, and seeing a lone hair you missed in the shower pop up on your kneecap. Pack a Bic Soleil Bella Disposable Razor in your weekend tote to nix rebel hairs when you spot them. They are inexpensive, have scented handles, and can be tossed when you're done using them.

Beach Blunder #4 - Yellow Pit Stains

You can pretend you don't, but everyone sweats once the temperature rises above 60 degrees. If you're going to act like you don't belong in this category, the yellow stains on your white tees may be the culprit to call your bluff. Soap & Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant is aluminum-free, the active ingredient that often causes those gross stains. No aluminum, no stains, no sweat!

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