5 Summer Skin Problems—Solved

The summer brings a lot of good things: Italian ices, 8 p.m. sun sets and more outdoor time. And doesn't the sun feel really good on your skin-and even better once you can get to an air-conditioned area? Thing is, it also brings a slew of beauty problems that are special to the hot-weather season. Check out the top five skin-related summer bummers, then see the other 28 here. Tell us: What's the one beauty issue you can't stand to deal with in the summer?

Your Face Is an Oil Slick
Since humidity boosts oil production, oilier skin will benefit from swiping on a toner twice a day. A weekly clay mask will draw out impurities, but be careful using these as they can also be drying to your skin.
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Your Arms and Legs Look Like Chicken Skin

If you're seeing little red bumps on your skin, you're most likely suffering from keratosis pilaris - bumpy chicken skin that normally crops up on the backs of your upper arms. Try using a lotion with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids to dissolve the bumps, but do not try to scrub them off with a loofah, as this could worsen your condition.

You're Prone to Ingrown Hairs

To avoid unsightly razor burn, hydrate thirsty skin with a shave cream rich in essential oils, or forgo the blade altogether and use a shea-butter-infused depilating cream. New spray-on formulas mean hands stay clean, but apply more than you think you need to and stand on a towel to keep bathroom tiles slip-free. For a quick fix on the go, toss a mini electric shaver in your beach bag - great for showerless fuzz-busting - but remember to lube up afterward (those metal teeth are moisture-killers).
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Your Armpit Area Is Darker Than the Rest of Your Skin
Shaving and rubbing against rough fabrics create friction, and that leads to inflammation and brown or grayish patches, says Jeanine Downie, a New Jersey dermatologist. Brighten up with a lotion that contains hydroquinone (a good one: Ambi Fade Cream, $5; walgreens.com). Also, use a new razor every three shaves (dull ones irritate your pits).

Your Sunscreen Makes You Break Out

"Usually acne caused by sunscreens is not from the chemicals that provide the sun protection, but secondary to the vehicle in the sunscreen," says NYC-based dermatologist Eric Schweiger. "Try to find oil-free or non-comedogenic sunscreens."
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