Break Your Bad Beauty Habits

Nobody's perfect-but you can overcome some of the most common bad habits. We asked the pros for solutions for even the worst chewers, pickers, and overstylers.

Overstyling Your Hair
Stylist Julien Farel warns that too much heat-styling can cause damage-and that stretching your hair with a brush can make it lose elasticity. Farel suggests a little tough love: blow-dry only every other day. Easier for styling addicts? A moisturizing treatment, Phyto Phytojoba mask, to repair damage.

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Chewing On Your Lips
By damaging the skin barrier, you expose your lips to germs and damage from cosmetic ingredients, such as peppermint oil in a lip gloss or a retinoid, says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. To quit: If you chew when your lips are dry (a common problem during cold winter weather), try using petroleum jelly to protect the skin and seal in your lips' natural moisture.

Picking At Your Skin

Messing with pimples makes them worse and, if you really go crazy with it, can cause scarring. Apply benzoyl peroxide to help reduce the pimple instead, says dermatologist Jeffrey Dover, associate clinical professor at Yale University School of Medicine and author of The Youth Equation. Or if an itchy skin condition like eczema is the problem, Dover recommends using topical steroid creams and a moisturizer until the urge to scratch passes. Some people, though, find themselves picking at their skin without a particular reason. If that's the case, see a doctor-behavior modification techniques may help.

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