Jet-Setter Skincare Tips For a Girl On The Go!

Denise Spanek, founder of Air Repair Skincare, tells us what we need for great looking skin even after a long flight.

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As June approaches, so does summer vacation season. And as we jet around (hopefully!) from place to place, our skin suffers from the dry airplane air - not exactly arriving as fresh and gorgeous as we planned.

We spoke with Denise Spanek, the founder of Air Repair Skincare, a skincare system created to combat the effects of flying to get the best en route beauty tips.

StyleCaster: Why did you decide to start Air Repair?

Denise Spanek: Basically, it was for selfish reasons. I was doing a lot of international traveling and felt like I was landing looking like a shar pei! I realized that out of all the beauty brands to choose from, none of them addressed the issue of flight fatigue and environmental stresses that take a toll on the skin.

So, I went on to create a line of comprehensive and streamlined skincare products with targeted ingredients to address these issues. It took me about a year to finally find the right chemist and another eight months to develop the brand after that. The great thing is, I got so used to using these products while traveling and testing lab samples and getting such wonderful results, that I now use them for daily care!

You've flown all over the world. What is the worst effect of flying on your skin?

I would say dehydration, fatigue and lack of oxygen…those are the worst! The reduced humidity, cabin pressure and environmental change all contribute to the above.

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Completely agree! That said, what is the best way to protect your skin while traveling?

There is an overall "do's and don'ts" list I abide by when traveling that effects the health of the skin and body. Externally, I make sure my skin is clean and moisturized before I step on a flight. I try and wear very little make up as well so the skin is more receptive to re-hydrating during my flight. I make sure to "spritz" with the Air Repair Facial Mist as soon as my skin starts to feel tight and dry and do this as needed during my flight. It's like a spray on moisturizer… it is full of humectant ingredients and has an Aloe Vera Gel base so it locks in moisture for hours unlike other facial mists that are water based.

Also, you want to avoid touching your face as much as possible so this is a great way to moisturize. Always have a salve on hand for lips, hands and even to apply inside the nose…helps for nosebleeds and to keep germs away. Internally, it's best to stay away from salt, coffee and alcohol - try and drink teas (herbal or green is best) and lots of water. Yes, it sounds boring but you will arrive feeling AND looking much better.

Are there any preventative measures you can take before traveling to prevent dryness?

Yes. It's best to MILDLY exfoliate the morning before you fly to remove any dead, dry skin. The skin will also be more effective in absorbing your moisturizer. Then put a nice, thick layer of moisturizer and eye cream on. Let it absorb. If you need to apply make up after that, do so lightly - perhaps just a little tinted moisturizer, bronzer and gloss. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not use any harsh products such as Retin A or high percentage alpha-hydroxy acids. Their irritating side affects can be made worse when traveling and when being exposed to different climates.

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If your skin is already dry from being in the sun, how can you protect it while traveling?

Using products with soothing and healing ingredients such as aloe vera gel, chamomile and arnica along with a combination of humectants like hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA are best. The Air Repair Facial Mist is great to soothe sunburned skin as well and can be sprayed on as often as possible.

Happy traveling!

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