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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 5:00 PM EDT

As many people say "having the right tools and materials for the job makes it so much easier" and I am very much inclined to agree with that statement. I am also inclined to believe that there are basic skin care tools that are necessary for great skin care.

How many times have you tried to do a job without the right tool? For instance, removing nail polish with toilet paper instead of a cotton ball or pad makes that particular job more difficult and takes more time and effort than it needs to be.

While searching through the skin care isle at any drugstore, department store or discount store, there is an overwhelming array of tools to care for your skin. There are facial scrubbers, body scrubbers and microdermabrasion cloths to name a few. So what tools are really needed for total skin care and body care? Well after much consideration, below are the tools I think are absolute must have items.

A magnified mirror is a must have. The magnification helps me to really see my skin. I can see what pesky hair needs to be plucked which I might otherwise have missed viewing in a regular mirror. I can also evaluate the pores on my skin and adjust my skin care routine as needed. For example, if I see that my face is oilier than usual and blackheads are building up I can adjust my toner and cleanser to address those problems.

Tweezers are next on my list of needed skin care tools. Over the years I have bought several cheap pairs and they were just that, cheap! Invest in a good pair of tweezers. A great pair of tweezers makes plucking the eyebrows and other facial areas so much easier.

Cotton balls or cotton pads to remove eye makeup are a must. Cotton balls or pads are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes than a washcloth would be. They are also useful for nail polish removing, applying toner, blending makeup, etc. I personally prefer cotton balls but there are some good cotton pads on the market today.

A good manicure/pedicure set will keep your hands and feet beautiful. Pretty nail polish and well manicured fingernails and toes add so much to your overall appearance. If you are not a nail polish person, consider a nail buffer to bring out the shine in your fingernails and toes.

Finally, a good washcloth is my choice for body care. Although all the cute body scrubbers on the market are tempting, a washcloth works fine. It offers just enough exfoliate to slough off dead skin and promote circulation.

What skin care and body care tools do you use?

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