5 Green Toys Your Kids Wood Love

It's fun being green!It's fun being green!Kids love to bash, beat, and thrash their toys. Wooden toys not only last a long time through the abuse, they're also friendly to the environment. And you can't deny that they're way more attraxctive than brighly colored plastic items. Here are 5 of my favorites.

Wood TeethersWood Teethers1. Wood Teethers
These are the perfect solution for babies who need to help their little teeth out. With eco-friendly teethers, you can trust what your baby has in his mouth.
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Organic Wooden Block Set Organic Wooden Block Set 2. Organic Wooden Block Set
The simplest toys are some of the best for fostering imagination. This 20-piece wooden block set will keep your child entertained for hours.
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Personalized Toy Camera Personalized Toy Camera 3. Personalized Toy Camera
Your child will love pretending to be a real photographer - perhaps just like mom or dad - with this wooden camera personalized with his or her name.
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Automoblox Minis Automoblox Minis 4. Automoblox Minis
Wooden toys don't have to look cutesy. Little boys and big boys both will appreciate these mini-cars. We love the variety of colors!
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Ursa The Bear Ursa The Bear 5. Ursa the Bear
Everyone needs an Ursa in their life. This cute and original bear is a great gift idea for kids and adults alike. I can see it on a bookshelf or in the hands of a toddler.
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- By Rachel Faucett
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