5 Perfect-for-Earth Day Activities to Do With Your Kids

Really, every day should be Earth Day, but many of us could and should be reminded about taking care of our precious planet that we call home.

One of the best things about Earth Day is the opportunity to teach our children about the environment that they are inheriting - it's a day filled with oodles of teachable moments.

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, here are five Earth Day activities to do with the kids:

Plant a Tree
Arbor Day isn't until April 29th, so why not get a head start? The world can always use another tree. You can buy trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. But if you and your kids aren't in the mood to get all dirty, you can donate money to Plant-It 2020 - a tree will be planted for every $1 you donate.

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Reuse / Recycle
Kids today are pretty savvy about what can and cannot be recycled, but it's always good to review just to make sure this important practice is deeply instilled. When talking about recycling, you want to emphasize reusing old items. You can do simple things like take socks that your child has outgrown and make puppets, or take a stained sweater and cut it up to make mittens. Here are a bunch more tips on reusing and recycling.

Clean Up
Want to spend some quality time outdoors with the kids and want to do something for the earth? Organize a clean up! Be it a beach, a park, or a playground. And make sure to recycle all those bottles and cans you find.

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Walk or Bike to School
Instead of jumping into the car to go take the kids to school, carve out a little bit more time to walk or bike to school. Plus you get the added bonus of exercise.

Picnic for the Planet
Who doesn't love a picnic? And dining outside is always a lovely way to spend mealtime. The Nature Conservancy has organized the Picnic for the Planet for Earth Day. There will be picnic meet-ups in over 400 locations around the world and to make it easy to plan, they have included favorite picnic recipes from a variety of chefs.


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