6 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Sanctuary

Simple DIY projects for wildlife in your backyardSimple DIY projects for wildlife in your backyardA quick visit to your local home and garden store will provide countless ways to rid your backyard of insects and other "pests," but what if your goal is to attract them? While some forms of wildlife can certainly wreak havoc on your backyard paradise, others can provide invaluable benefits like mosquito control, healthier plants, and much more.

Here are 6 quick and easy DIY projects that will transform your backyard into your own wildlife sanctuary.

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For the kind critters of the worldFor the kind critters of the worldBug Box
Not all insects are a nuisance! This simple DIY project uses scrap wood, bamboo cane, and old branches to provide a perfect home for helpful insects like spiders (that prey on insects and pests), ladybugs (preys on aphids), and bees support pollination).
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Help create a bee oasisHelp create a bee oasisBee Box
If you do not already know, the bee population is dangerously low. One of the primary reasons for this is a shrinking habitat. Do the world (and your garden) a favor by creating a bee box for your garden!
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Flutter here pretty butterflyFlutter here pretty butterflyButterfly Feeder
Butterflies are not only beautiful to watch, but they also one of nature's most important pollinators. Encourage them to flutter by your yard with this simple DIY butterfly feeder.
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A rad slinky bird feederA rad slinky bird feederSlinky Bird Feeder
Turn this old school slinky into the perfect bird feeder. That's one way to recycle by making something chic and valuable out of unused toys.
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Save your orange peels!Save your orange peels!Natural Bird Feeder
Add a little color to your backyard by saving those orange peels and turning them into a natural bird feeder. Dab on some peanut butter and mix in bird seeds to create this colorful and disposable feeder.
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Useful papier-mache project for the homeUseful papier-mache project for the homeMartin House
Purple Martins are another great tool provided by nature for controlling mosquitos. This DIY project recreates their cup-shaped nests made from mud by using papier-mâché.
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