The 7 Best Gardening Tools and Sets for Kids

The 7 best gardening tools and sets for kidsThe 7 best gardening tools and sets for kidsKids are usually eager to play in the garden, whether you have acres of land or just a few containers for planting. Encourage their explorations with tools that are just the right size for them! Below are 7 of the best gardening tools and sets for little ones.

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Yes We (Watering) CanYes We (Watering) Can1. Yes We (Watering) Can
This watering can set includes gardening gloves for kids, a hand rake, shovel, spade, and of course, the watering can itself.
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Fishy Watering CanFishy Watering Can2. Fishy Watering Can
Fish and (a) water(ing can). Goes together perfectly, right? LOGIC.
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This Little Piggy Went to GardenThis Little Piggy Went to Garden3. This Little Piggy Went to Garden
A pig and a watering can on the other hand? Well, it's just super cute. (My daughter loves to water flowers with her piggy.)
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Be Good to Bugs Gardening GlovesBe Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves4. Be Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves

Be good to bugs, but at the same time, don't worry about them biting your hands while you garden!
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Bella Butterfly Gardening Gloves Bella Butterfly Gardening Gloves 5. Bella Butterfly Gardening Gloves
Cute stripes make these kid-sized gardening gloves extra adorable.
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Cute Rain BootsCute Rain Boots6. Cute Rain Boots
Gardening is messy work, especially when the watering can or the hose is involved. Let your kids wear their rain boots, and you won't have to worry about them ruining their shoes.
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Kids' Big Tool SetKids' Big Tool Set7. Kids' Big Tool Set
These garden tools look like the real deal with their wooden handle and metal ends, but they're perfectly sized for kids.
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