7 Celebs Who Believe in Holistic Healing

Leech therapy ... really, Demi?!Leech therapy ... really, Demi?!Stressed out? Looking to clear up blemished skin? Modern medicinal treatments aren't your only answer. Many of Hollywood's leading ladies swear by alternative medicine to cure everything from cancer to stress. Interested in going natural, yourself? Seven celebs share their natural (and often bizarre) cures for ailments ...

1. Demi Moore: Leech Therapy
To keep her body healthy, Demi Moore turns to the healing power of ... wait for it ... leeches. On the Late Show With David Letterman, Moore admitted to undergoing leech therapy in Austria to "detoxify the blood." She said: "They have a little enzyme that when they're biting down on you, gets released into your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit, and your health is optimized ... I'm feeling detoxified right now."

Chinese CuppingChinese Cupping
2. Gwyneth Paltrow: Chinese Cupping
Back in 2004, Paltrow revealed her secret to having radiant skin and staying stress-free - Chinese cupping. Described by the BBC as "a kind of acupuncture," the practice involves "placing heated cups over the skin to encourage blood flow and ease stress, aches, and pains." Even though Paltrow's alternative medicine practices were out in the open, some still found it shocking when she showed up at a film premiere with the hickey-like marks all over her back.

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DIY TherapyDIY Therapy
3. Suzanne Somers: DIY Therapy
In addition to taking more than 60 vitamins and supplements as well as a slew of hormone creams, the former star of Three's Company declined chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and instead opted for an alternative treatment created from mistletoe extracts (along with a lumpectomy procedure). Since her own treatment, Somers has become a staunch advocate for alternative cancer therapies and has written a book on her experiences and alternative options.

Gem TherapyGem Therapy
4. Uma Thurman: Gem Therapy
Diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle aren't the only things keeping Uma Thurman chugging. According to ABC News, the mother of two also practices gem therapy, believing that specific gems and crystals can impact health and wellbeing. While Thurman has never named which specific gems she uses or what they do, ABC reports that gem therapy users frequently use the roselle plant for reducing stress.

Ozone TherapyOzone Therapy
5. Pamela Anderson: Ozone Therapy
In an effort to reduce the symptoms of Hepatitis C, the former Baywatch star and mother of two admitted to using ozone therapy - a controversial treatment in which ozone gas is administered in measured doses to a patient. The practice is also supported by fellow actor Nick Nolte, who stated on Larry King Live that ozone therapy makes the brain "more metabolized."

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6. Alice Walker: Watsu
The acclaimed author and poet credits her health to watsu - a body massage treatment conducted while the patient is submerged in hot water. The book It Works For Me: Celebrity Stories of Alternative Healing outlines the treatments that this literary mother of one underwent as well as the impact that watsu has had in terms of eliminating stress, unblocking chi, and generating positive energy.

7. Christy Turlington: Ayurveda
The former supermodel and mother of two keeps it all together thanks to an Indian alternative medicine known as Ayurveda, which focuses on balancing the body's internal and external stress factors as well as employing plant and herb-based medicines to treat maladies. Turlington is such a fan of the practice that she launched Sundari, a company that produces skin care products based on Ayurvedic principals.

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