7 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Halloween Party

What's black and orange and green all over? An eco-conscious Halloween party, of course! Make like an environmentally friendly ghost with tricks and treats that barely leave a footprint.

Deck the Haunted Halls

Hang this biodegradable garland -- made of stone-derived paper and nontoxic inks -- to get the party started.

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Let it Bleed

Kick up the creepy factor with this all-natural, food-grade (and washable) fake blood.

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Save the Date

Set the tone of your soiree by mailing invitations printed on recycled black paper.

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Create a Monster

Vampires, werewolves, witches -- anything's possible with nontoxic, hypoallergenic face paint.

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Shine a Light

This natural beeswax skull casts spooky shadows while giving off chemical-free light.

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Drink to the Spirits

Sucking down poison punch is harmless fun with these soy-ink-printed paper straws.

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Go Batty (Or Catty)

Handmade and recycled, a felt superhero mask can play whatever role you choose.

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