8 Clever Ways to Mark Your Garden

It's finally getting warmer, the days are longer, and it seems nature's anxious to start turning the world green again! This means that it's time to get in your gardens and start planting! If you're on the lookout for new ways to mark your garden's flowers, plants, and herbs - check out these 7 homemade ideas!

Vintage Silverware Garden MarkersVintage Silverware Garden Markers1. Vintage Silverware Garden Markers
A couple of years ago I made some stamped garden markers out of vintage silverware for my square foot garden. It was a really fun DIY project.
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Fabric Garden MarkersFabric Garden Markers2. Fabric Garden Markers

These super cute fabric garden markers add color and whimsy to your garden -- and while they stand out surrounded by seedlings they blend organically and beautifully as plants grow. This easy project will be fun for you and your family, or it's great for a group of friends.
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Wine Cork Garden Markers Wine Cork Garden Markers 3. Wine Cork Garden Markers

Speaking of organic, here's a great idea to use organic materials in your garden markers. And the beauty of this is that it will take only a few minutes to make -- you just need a permanent marker, wine corks, and shishkebab skewers.
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Recycled Can Lid Stamped Garden Markers Recycled Can Lid Stamped Garden Markers 4. Recycled Can Lid Stamped Garden Markers

This project is a great example of re-using. You'll need to plan ahead a bit and start saving your can lids now -- and plan a trip to the thrift store for some old forks. But with those two materials and some metal stamps, you can make some attractive garden markers. Watch your fingers on those edges! Get the tutorial

Glass Pebble and Stick Garden Markers Glass Pebble and Stick Garden Markers 5. Glass Pebble and Stick Garden Markers

Of all the projects, this one might be the most labor-intensive, but the super cute printables make it worth it. You'll need glass pebbles, raffia, sticks and various crafty goops, but you'll love the results. Get the tutorial

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Clothespin Garden Markers Clothespin Garden Markers 6. Clothespin Garden Markers

Becky at Glue and Glitter said she's got a surplus of clothespins -- so if you're like her, this project is perfect for you. All you need is a permanent marker, clothespins, skewers and penmanship!
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Wooden Spoon Garden Markers Wooden Spoon Garden Markers 7. Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

This a a cute project that will likely involve a quick trip to the dollar store. Don't spend much on these wooden spoons; unlike your kitchen, quality won't count. And don't forget to save the pictures from the seed packets, or you'll be searching the Internet for images of vegetables you can print.
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Polymer Clay Garden MarkersPolymer Clay Garden Markers8. Polymer Clay Garden Markers
If you've got a bit more time for a fun project, give these DIY markers a try. Unlike some of these projects, you'll need some special materials like rubber letter stamps and oven bakeable polymer clay. But if you get the materials, this is a beautiful project for your garden or for gifts!
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- By Jennifer Hadfield
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