Branch Out: 8 Handmade Bird Houses for Spring

12 Creative DIY Birdhouses12 Creative DIY BirdhousesI'm waiting for the spring weather to come to Seattle, and while I wait I'm thinking of fun projects for the season. One project I have always wanted to try is a birdhouse. But not just any birdhouse. For instance, I love this industrial birdhouse from Lowe's Creative Ideas, made completely with hardware store-ish materials. I could definitely tackle this project!

I put together a collection of birdhouses that I love and I've fround a little something to suit every style, whether you like funky, modern looks, bright colors, eco-friendly designs or classic birdhouses. Check out my top 8 picks below!

Blue HouseBlue House1. Blue House

I love this birdhouse made of simple molding! You'll need to glue two pieces together and paint.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

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Recycled PlasticRecycled Plastic2. Recycled Plastic
This cute little birdhouse was made from a recycled Method soap bottle.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

Simple FeederSimple Feeder3. Simple Feeder
You will definitely need some experience with tools to make this simple feeder, but the instructions are easy to follow.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

Painted MailboxPainted Mailbox4. Painted Mailbox
This mailbox is painted so pretty and bright - and the front flap acts as a tray for the birdseed.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

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Coconut HouseCoconut House5. Coconut House
This simple birdhouse was made by drilling out a coconut and removing the insides.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

Simple and ModernSimple and Modern6. Simple and Modern
This birdhouse is easy if you get the pieces pre-cut at the home improvement store. No woodworking skills are required.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

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Glass OrbsGlass Orbs7. Glass Orbs
These interesting bird feeders use glass light covers from the thrift store.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

Colorful and BrightColorful and Bright8. Colorful and Bright
I love this birdhouse because it's bright, cheery and an unusual shape.
Learn how to make this birdhouse

- By Amy Anderson
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