Chief Joseph Chocktaw Native American Code Talker

My Great grand father Joseph Barnes was a World War 1 code talker. Here is the picture I sent to the Chocktaw Nation and it was a gift returned to me.

Along with two pictures, I was given forms to fill out to become a tribe member. This is so complicated it make me ill.

I got this picture from my Mother who was born in Oklahoma in 1929. Her name was Irene Barnes Reid Winters. She was murdered in Wichita Falls Texas by a felon named John in 2010 and charges to this day have never been filed on John. Why? She was neglected to death and her life savings stolen along with my Father's guns.

Tell Governor Rick Perry she told me not to vote for him. Joseph Barnes had a son William (Bill) Terrell Barnes born in Rising Star (Little Rock) Arkansas around 1889. I am not sure about the dates. He is buried in the old Crestview cemetary Wichita Falls Texas with his wife Mignon Kesia Weaver Barnes who died when I was 16.

I lost the home my Father built for me in Wichita Falls, Texas and could become homeless.

My Father, Robert ( Bob) Ogle Reid-Winters was born in Altus, Oklahoma. His grandfather was named Allie P. Baker from Illinois. He was born in 1928 and murdered by neglect also and starved to death for his possessions and life savings in 2010 by the same felon who told my parents he was married to my daughter while abusing her.
Looks to me like they are still killing innocent Native Americans here. I have no home. I am very angry about all of this.
Chief Joseph Chocktaw in about 1800 with wife we called Josephine. He was born in Missouri.