Don't Forget Mother Earth: 7 Ways to Have a Greener Baby Shower

7 Ways to Have a Greener Baby Shower7 Ways to Have a Greener Baby ShowerEarth Day, which was just a few days ago, tends to get us thinking about all the ways we can "green" our daily lives. Having a baby usually doesn't do anything positive to your carbon footprint, unless you make a conscious effort. You can even start before baby's born. If you're planning a baby shower, you might be adding to landfills with disposable tableware, paper invitations, and mountainous piles of wrapping paper. But what better way to welcome a new life than by promising to take better care of his or her world? Here are 7 easy ways to make your baby shower greener.

Send e-vites Send e-vites 1. Send e-vites
With the pretty designs and fancy features of today's e-vites, guests won't assume it was a last-minute afterthought. They'll think you're being eco-friendly - or just modern.
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Give out plantable favors Give out plantable favors 2. Give out plantable favors
Instead of the usual throwaway parting gift, give shower guests favors that can be planted. They'll grow into beautiful wildflowers to remember your day.
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Use eco-friendly tableware Use eco-friendly tableware 3. Use eco-friendly tableware
If you don't have enough reusable plates on hand, this organically grown bamboo set is completely compostable and biodegradable.
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Burn soy candles Burn soy candles 4. Burn soy candles
If you're lighting candles for the event, opt for those made of soy wax. You can put them in reusable mason jars, used baby food jars, or even buy in recycled glass.
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Set up an eco-friendly baby registry Set up an eco-friendly baby registry 5. Set up an eco-friendly baby registry
Make your registry through Ecomom, which only carries the eco-friendly products safest for your baby and the Earth. Ecomom features a handy symbol guide with each product, so that you know exactly why they recommend it, whether it's organic, fair-trade production, sustainable production, recycled, vegan, etc.
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Request greener gift wrapping Request greener gift wrapping 6. Request greener gift wrapping
Ask guests to wrap their gifts in reusable wrapping, such as wrapping scarves or baby blankets, or to leave gifts unwrapped in reusable baskets or buckets.
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Ask guests to ditch the cards Ask guests to ditch the cards 7. Ask guests to ditch the cards
Instead of cards, ask guests to bring a used children's book from home and write a note on the inside cover. Not only will these "cards" be reused, but it's an easy way to start your baby's library.

- By Michelle Horton
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