Egg-celent Home Solutions: 8 Ways to Reuse Empty Egg Cartons

Creative home solutions made with empty egg cartons...Creative home solutions made with empty egg cartons...When I was growing up, my art teacher mother stuffed our hall closet with all types of recyclables like toilet paper rolls, baby food jars and egg cartons. At the time I thought she was causing a fire hazard and most sinfully, wasting valuable closet space but now I understand. I mean, look at all these amazing things you can make with an egg carton! From clever organization ideas to campfire starters, I will find it hard to toss an egg carton ever again. Here are 8 brilliant projects for your empty egg cartons, with Easter coming, you might have a few around.

Ribbon organizerRibbon organizer1. Ribbon organizer
I'm always looking for a new way to tame the ribbon-y beast.
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Have cupcakes ... will travelHave cupcakes ... will travel2. Have cupcakes ... will travel

Keep those tasty mini-muffins and cupcakes snug as a bug in an egg carton.
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Sewing kitSewing kit3. Sewing kit

A clever little sewing organizer made with an egg carton, fabric and elastic.
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Freeze individual servingsFreeze individual servings4. Freeze individual servings
Hmn, I've never thought of that, genius!
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Organize your junk drawer Organize your junk drawer 5. Organize your junk drawer

I can hear my junk drawer screaming for this clever way to organize small items like tacks and rubber bands.
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Fire starterFire starter6. Fire starter
Who would have guessed there was a way to recycle dryer lint. Learn to make these cool camp fire starters.
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Ornament storageOrnament storage7. Ornament storage

If it's designed to keep fragile eggs whole, it perfect for beautiful heirloom decorations..
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Kitchen herb gardenKitchen herb garden
8. Kitchen herb garden
Keep some little sprouts in the window and watch them grow with the kids.
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- By Jacinda Boneau
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