How to Use the Sun for Energy

During history, people used the sun for different uses and in many ways but now we are finally able to use the sun for energy. Today, solar thermal energy is used in almost every climate to provide a safe and inexpensive energy source. In recent years solar thermal energy is used to create steam that powered electricity generating turbines.

People have used sunlight for different uses for centuries but the concept itself is able to use the sun for energy . Thermo-solar power came in 1767 when Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure invented the first solar collector, or "hot box"that was able 100 % to use the sun for energy without any modern technology.
'Solar -Thermal' technologies are capable to use the sun heat for energy using sunlight to produce hot water, electricity and to heat some homes. Solar technologies range from simple residential water heating system to very large plants generating electricity.
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Renowned astrologer Sir John Hershel in 1830 used the "hot box" (sun energy) to cook during his expedition in southern Africa. Solar thermal energy has become very important in some parts of Africa for cooking and water distillation. Today more and more people use the sun for energy and solar heating or sun energy has started to grow when Clarence Kemp patented the first commercial water heater in 1891. The idea caught on quickly in areas where imported fuel needed to heat water and local authorities fast adopted the idea and used the sun for energy .

In 1987, nearly 30% of homes in Pasadena, California (USA) had a solar thermal heating system. Solar water heating has flourished (U.S.) during the years when energy prices were high (70 years). Because the water heater in a residence can mean up to 40% of total energy bill, solar heating plays an important role in many countries.

For example, about 1.5 million buildings in Tokyo, Japan and over 30% of those in Israel have solar water heating systems using only the sun for energy. Solar thermal energy can be used indirectly with only the sun for energy source to power a steam turbine generating electricity. This method is very efficient and competitive. The first commercial application of this system appeared in the early '80s. In the U.S. the industry is coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and has greatly increased due to projects initiated by it.