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Despite its tremendous power to radically transform our entire lives, many of us confuse the word free-energy and especially the concept of using a free electricity generator .
What is a free electricity generator and what it
actually means and why it is so important to know the fascinating potential of free-energy?

What new vision of the world is born with the light output of such information kept secret by governments (because they do not want people to know) .
In the minds of geniuses whose ideas came to life with such a colossal force of transforming the world? Are key questions whose answers have the power to change minds, to shed light where darkness was more than a century to produce a technological revolution worldwide.
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To clarify any misunderstandings, it is important to know that the correct translation of the word free-energy . Free electricity generator is a form of energy extracted directly from the vacuum, resulting from quantum fluctuations in the vacuum of space.
And energy is called zero otherwise.
A long time considered that space science (the planets and Earth) was empty. Later they discovered with astonishment that he was not empty. On the contrary, is very dense in energy, energy present even in our bodies.

Currently, to generate electricity we have to burn huge amounts of fossil fuels. Many of us know the major problems (discussed more or less diplomatic) worldwide on fossil fuel extraction and transaction. Certainly, the high costs that these resources are dwindling more and more from year to year and harmful effects on the environment (resulting mainly from fuel combustion) are strong signals that governments alarm masks, but we do increasingly worse. It is time to change something that concerns us on each side! It's time to wake up and open their eyes to a more efficient solutions and amazing power generation using the free electricity generator.

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What's the alternative? A solution incomparably cheaper (almost free) using a green energy source is provided by a number of free-energy systems. What is a free electricity generator? A device that is connected to the zero point energy (vacuum) and is able to generate another form of energy. Extracting energy from space is really wonderful and inexhaustible. However, it is the only solution we have in the free-energy. There are hydrogen, a fuel extracted from water molecules or thermal technology that can transform heat into electricity lost. All about free-energy devices is the case of hydraulic energy (the energy captured organically rivers and oceans).

The development of such free-energy technology is environmentally friendly and too important to be able to dispense it, to ignore, even if it was suppressed by more than 100 years. These technologies must invade and dominate the world as they were intended to do when the brightest minds have conceived. We are at a historical turning point that will produce a reversal of reality.

methods of generating free electricity are not viable and therefore the energy space is likely to be very soon our salvation. Such a transformation will have profound effects on many levels. From a financial perspective we will not have to pay for the energy we need. This course will mean loss companies and electricity supply industries. At the ecological level will produce a regenerative environment that had to swallow for decades pollution. We can cure water, air and land which support life. This is certainly a significant improvement of human health and its level of vitality.