Gardening Made Easy Just in Time for Earth Day: 6 Tips for the Lazy Gardener

6 tips for the lazy gardner6 tips for the lazy gardnerEarth Day is here and what better time than now to start a garden? I really wanted to plant some veggies and herbs and fruit for my family to use when we cook, but the thought of all the work is daunting. I have to admit, I'm the laziest and most cluless gardener around, but I did it! We built a raised bed in our small back yard and planted all kinds of things randomly spaced. Some of it never grew, but there were lots of things that did great, like lettuce and herbs and tomatoes. It's a salad garden! We even bought one of those Topsy Turvy hanging strawberry things that basically guarantees tons of berries, of which there were several, not tons, but I still did it!

My absolute favorite thing is the cheater basil. I buy a basil plant at Trader Joe's for $2.99 and try to keep it alive for at least a few months. If you are limited on space, there are mini gardens just for you. If you have a window, you can grow some herbs! Check out 6 examples of what I've grown and some small space garden ideas.

Basil PlantBasil Plant1. Basil Plant
This is from Trader Joe's and I put it in my kitchen window.
Oh how I love fresh basil and the aroma it sends throughout my kitchen (my kids are pretty fond of it too).

Strawberries Coming InStrawberries Coming In2. Strawberries Coming In

This is the Topsy Turvy hanging strawberry bag, perfect for the lazy gardener.

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Herb Garden KitHerb Garden Kit3. Herb Garden Kit

This is so beautiful and would look lovely in any room, just make sure it's near a window.
Get this kit

MintMint4. Mint

I've had this pot of mint for over 10 years. I can't seem to kill it which is a good thing! If you plant mint, make sure it is in a container or it will take over your garden.

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Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterTopsy Turvy Tomato Planter5. Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
I bought this as well as put some in the ground and we had more tomatoes come from the topsy turvy. We bought the strawberry one too!
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Indoor Ever Bearing Strawberry KitIndoor Ever Bearing Strawberry Kit6. Indoor Ever Bearing Strawberry Kit

You don't even need outdoor space to have year round strawberries? Sign me up!
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- By Macki West
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