How to Generate Free Electricity Using the Sun for Energy

Passionate about science and especially that related to solar and wind? Now you can generate free electricity using only the sun for energy .
In short, using light and heat from the sun you can create free electricity using a simple system.The best part is that everyone can create the engine that will create free electricity using heated water in special tanks at a temperature above 20 degrees Celsius , and using solar panels to produce electricity.

A huge amount of solar energy reaching the earth's surface every day and it can be used to generate free electricity within days. This energy can be captured and used as heat in solar thermal applications, or can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells (CF).

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To understand how CF and solar thermal systems capture solar energy in order to obtain free electricity, it is important to understand how it takes its course from sun to Earth and how this flow is changed periodically.

How the sun produces energy(free electricity)
Sun is a sphere with a diameter of about 1.4 million km, consists of gas with high temperature (temperature inside the sun is about 15 million degrees Kelvin). This huge temperature combined with a pressure of 70 billion times that of Earth's atmosphere creates the ideal conditions for fusion reactions.

Solar thermal electricity or the so called free electricity is obtained by using solar radiation technologies to get steam. These steam use powered turbines generating free electricity.

Water heating systems use small collectors
The flat plate to capture the sun's heat, while power plants powered by solar thermal energy use more complex methods for capturing radiation.
Flat plate collector

Flat plate collectors with solar heat transfer by water either directly or with other liquid and a heat exchange system.

Components of a flat plate collector
The collector is covered with glass or other transparent material, solar heat to keep it. The back of the collector is covered with insulating matrial to leave the heat to be emitted. Between transparent and insulating material is a heat absorbing material.
There are three types of solar thermal systems for heating water using flat plate collector with:

A: The system consists of a pump, a collector and a storage tank. Pump water passes through the collector, this one heats, then it is stored in tank

B: The system consists of a collector which is at the same time and storage tank.

C: The system consists of a collector and a storage tank water.