7 Ways to Re-purpose Everyday Items for Your Garden

7 Ways to Grow Green7 Ways to Grow GreenI was raised by a father who loved to work the land. We had several gardens while I was growing up full of vegetables, herbs and flowers. My mother and I tried to list recently all the crops we grew over the years: tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, hot peppers, carrots, corn, green beans, radishes, lettuce, blueberries, cherries, peaches, strawberries … the list goes on and on! My parents were constantly pickling and canning things, making jam and pasta sauce. We lived a "sustainable" lifestyle without even realizing it. My father was a carpenter, so he built much of our furniture, not to mention our whole house. I ultimately became a city-dweller, but I'm definitely into green living, reusing and recycling products in creative ways. These are 7 of the cleverest and most attractive sustainable projects I've come across, showing you ways to re-purpose everyday items to remarkable effect within the home and in your garden. Check them out!

Tire GardenTire Garden1. Tire Garden
This garden, housed in old tires, is so colorful and cheery. Just paint any unused or worn spare tires with colors of your choosing and assemble this lovely garden anywhere in your backyard. Pick plants that coordinate with the colors you choose for added aesthetic effect!
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Soda Bottle CanopySoda Bottle Canopy2. Soda Bottle Canopy
This canopy made of old soda bottles is a big project to take on, but so worth it. The glass creates a beautiful effect in the sunlight and the various colors are so fun and playful. In this photo, the canopy is being used in a car port. It's also a great way to add some shade to any area of your yard!
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Toilet Paper Roll SeedlingsToilet Paper Roll Seedlings3. Toilet Paper Roll Seedlings
Recycle empty toilet paper rolls to house seedlings and transport them to the garden.
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Eggshell SeedlingsEggshell Seedlings4. Eggshell Seedlings
Want an even more sustainable option? Try eggshells instead of toilet paper rolls. Use them as compost after you transplant the seedlings.
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Reused Soda Bottle Wall GardenReused Soda Bottle Wall Garden5. Reused Soda Bottle Wall Garden
Totally green and totally eye-catching. A great way to add some personality to a boring porch or sunroom near the backyard!
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Lightbulb GreenhouseLightbulb Greenhouse6. Lightbulb Greenhouse
A genius way to keep sensitive seedlings protected from the elements.
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Coffee Can Wall GardenCoffee Can Wall Garden7. Coffee Can Wall Garden
A slightly sturdier option that the soda bottle wall garden, this coffee can wall garden looks great in any setting.
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- By Carolyn Castiglia
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