Hollywood Stars Refuel at Home with All-electric Cars

Laura Dern tests CODALaura Dern tests CODAWhat is next for Hollywood's eco forward thinkers? Turns out to be electric. Ford has partnered with Yahoo! to have celebrities such as Adrian Grenier, Alicia Silverstone, David Arquette and Emily Procter to competitively show their off their favorite home-town haunts. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds have embraced Nissan's Leaf and it's only a matter of time before we start spotting recognizable faces behind the wheel of the Honda Fit EV, BMW's ActiveE and Tesla's Model S. And, less of those recognizable faces stopping for paparazzi photo-ops at the gas pump.

And, now Los Angeles-based CODA sedan is the newest kid on the block who is capturing the hearts of Hollywood's green living champions. It is the top EPA rated mileage range in its class, and only sedan on the market. The all-electric car from the newest all-electric car company joined this week's launch of Green Planet Production's latest film called "The Big Fix." With special honors going to Amy Smart, Peter Fonda, Laura Dern and Ben Harper's daughter Jaya, the night was also supported by HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse, Tim Robbins, Ed Begley Jr and more.

Amy Smart and her husband with a CODA car.Amy Smart and her husband with a CODA car.

With most homes in the U.S. having two cars, these cars offer the possibility that your run-around-town car leaves your garage conveniently 'topped-off' every day.

Fun facts:

It's just been ten years since Toyota's Prius became the darling of Hollywood's environmentally conscious set - making its way to the most elite valet circles, studio lots, carpool lanes and even feature TV and movie appearances.

In the month of May, 2011, hybrid sales hit the 2 million mark and more than 20 hybrid vehicles for sale today

In 1915, electric cars outsold internal combustion vehicles. What changed that? The invention of the electric ignition starter that eliminated the need to start the car.