The Myth of High Prices at the Farmers Market

High Prices at the Farmers MarketHigh Prices at the Farmers MarketI still hear people say they cannot afford to shop at a farmers' market. They argue only the well heeled can afford to buy free-range eggs and heirloom tomatoes at those pricey venues.

The only thing is, that idea does not stand up to scrutiny. A 2011 study for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont turned up surprising results. Prices were actually lower at the farmers' markets, particularly for organic items.

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Those findings were similar to what the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture discovered in a 2009 survey of Iowa products. And two years earlier, University of Washington students compared prices between a Seattle supermarket and a nearby farmers' market. In all three cases - Vermont, Iowa, and Seattle - farmers' markets prices were generally lower than or, at worst, equal to supermarket prices.

These are only the most widely publicized results. One of the common reasons for not buying from local farmers turns out to be based on a story that does not bear up under scrutiny. Do a test at a market nearby, and you will likely be surprised by the results.

Besides, the experience of shopping at a farmers' market makes food buying into an adventure instead of just a chore.

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Join the Food Revolution

Farmers' markets are a good place to join the Food Revolution. You can also check out the Food Revolution Map to see where things are happening in your community.

If shopping at a farmers' market just doesn't feel like a fit for you, don't despair. In Seattle, you can contribute to a community e-cookbook. Or get involved with a community garden in Crete, Nebraska.

Boise, Idaho has jumped on board to bring the community together through fresh, local foods. A group of young chefs in Downington, Pennsylvania are determined to change their community's knowledge and health concerning food.

If your city isn't on the map, gather allies and become a Food Revolution Community with your own, unique focus. And if being part of a larger movement is not your thing, don't despair. On Saturday, May 19th, you can still be part of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution by shopping at your local farmers' market.

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