No Space to Plant? Time to "Grow Up"

From high to low, here are three inspirational takes on growing herbs and vegetables in any space.

Wall of Nature | For those who love to grow their own vegetables or herbs, Green Living Technologies, LLC has created easily maintainable green walls and roofs. Their sustainable design can be assembled indoors or out, on a small or large scale for a touch of nature or a permanent statement. The walls are perfect for someone who wants to grow an abundance of fruits and veggies but does not have the space to grow them the old-fashioned way. Available through The LaurelRock Company, Wilton, 203-544-0062,

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Veggie Valet | Ideal for both country and city, this veggie valet holds small-scale crops. The easy-access vertical planters-no bending over required-make for convenient last-minute salad gathering.

Raised Bed | If building a raised vegetable bed seems daunting, order the Scout Regalia raised garden kit, a set of brackets and stakes that make putting together a few 2x6s of cedar from the lumberyard a breeze.

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