Organic Farm & B & B

I have been building a totally green home with reclaimed materials from mansions all over the world for 10 plus years. I have run low or out of steam and have been fought by this icky world on every step of my path. I Had a vision and my vision is good , the need is there and the intent is pure. Rochester Minnesota is a really sick place and needs a healthy alternative for the millions of people that come here for treatments at Mayo clinic. I believe that through healthy living eating of raw organic foods anything can be cured. I have a beautiful small piece of land that i have invested my life savings into in hopes of creating an oasis for travelers to visit and some to stay for extended periods. I feel a healing center with limited lodging would fit a large demand in this market. I have tried for years to find like minded people to share in my quest but fall short as I too have been ill with grief and resentment towards a very hostile world that has settled on being selfish and greedy. I have a story and it is a sadd one that made me a sadd dad . I returned to my home town fairly well off after 30 years out west only to be robbed and ostracized by a sick community that thrives on rumor and gossip. I am the lost sheep of the world and grew up without a mother and with a sick weak father. i was forsaken by the church and pimped out by most everyone my entire life . I found music to be a sourse of relief as a sense of a higher power of a different kind, i believe in God but as an entity of unlimited abilities and able to transcend all color race sex and anything physically limiting ! I have been carried threw life for a purpose yet know to me but know I am right where I am suppose to be. I am looking for anyone interested in helping a broken man become an instrument in healing others. I am as Ramtha says!

I am Christo
The Madd Greek