Painting a lawn green

By Trystan L. Bass
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Keeping a lawn green during summer can be challenging. The hot sun can dry out even the hardiest plants, and homeowners end up spending tons on a ever increasing water bill to try and force the grass to stay fresh looking.

In climates that don't get summer showers, the most eco-friendly option is to choose native plants with minimal need for water. But some people insist on an expanse of green turf no matter what -- even if that means painting brown grass green.

The New York Times reported on a few Phoenix, AZ, homeowners who resorted to green paint for that big lawn look. We found that these aren't the only ones.

Several Southern California companies advertise "environmentally friendly" lawn painting to restore a "natural" color to turf.

(Photo: Easy Green Lawn Paint/Flickr)(Photo: Easy Green Lawn Paint/Flickr)

(Photo: Ellen Shapiro/Flickr)(Photo: Ellen Shapiro/Flickr)
Lawn painting isn't confined to the west and southwest of the U.S. either. The scene below occured in Raleigh, North Carolina.

(Photo: C Murray/Flickr)(Photo: C Murray/Flickr)

The New York Times says the paint lasts about three months and costs couple hundred dollars, which save a little money compared to summer water bills, especially in drought-prone states. But the painted lawn may need to be watered somewhat so it doesn't die completely. Painting companies claim the process is not chemically intensive, but there are minimal regulations on this industry, and anything sprayed on a lawn can end up in local groundwater.

What do you think of painted grass lawns? Would you do it?

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