Red and (Extra) Green: 3 Tips for a Less Wasteful Holiday Party

Try these tips on having a less-wasteful holiday party from Chef Akasha, the organic caterer to the stars.

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If You Don't Have Enough Dishes for Everyone

Use products from Recycline, which makes plastic plates from old yogurt containers, rather than go with the usual disposable dinnerware. And to discourage guests from leaving glasses everywhere, give everyone a stylish drinking glass as a party favor. You leave it, you lose it.

If You Want a More Sustainable Alternative to Flowers

Head to the farmers' market to pick up gourds, squashes, little apples and pears, whole nuts in their shells, and pomegranates. They look great on a table, and when the party's over, you can eat the centerpiece.

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If You Always Prepare Too Much Food

Cook with this formula in mind: Instead of 6 ounces of protein per person, prepare 3 to 4. For dessert, a pie that would normally feed 8 will serve 16. If you still have leftovers, host a leftover party for friends. Everyone brings the remnants of their respective feasts, and you vote for who has the best stuffing.

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