Ultimate Guide to Eco and Fair-Trade Coffee and Tea Essentials (with Recipes!)

The global market for coffee and tea is forecasted to reach 10.57 million tons (23.3 billion pounds) by 2015. Both producers and consumers have an opportunity to minimize their impact on the environment. From the way the plants are grown, processed, packaged and shipped to they way they are prepared and consumed, we all can make a difference, one coffee bean or tea leaf at a time. Here are the essential products you will need to green your daily beverages.

1. Fair Trade Coffees

The best thing you can do to green your morning cup of joe is purchase fair trade coffee, preferably organic and shade-grown. Not only are you looking out for the environment, you are also ensuring that farmers are safe from harmful pesticides and get a fair price for their product. Here are the 9 Best Fair Trade Coffees. While you are at it, read this article that discusses all things coffee and includes some deliciously healthy coffee-based recipes for all you coffee lovers!

2. Fair Trade Teas

If tea is more your speed, you can get in on the fair trade action too. One of the benefits of fair trade tea is the emphasis on sustainable development. Know that with every cup of tea you drink, you're helping farmers implement sustainable growing practices that will hopefully allow for steadier crop yields. Here are the 10 Best Fair Trade Teas. And, who says tea must be in liquid form and hot? Make these light and refreshing, Green Tea and Mango Sandwiches or this Green Tea Smoothie and you won't be disappointed!

3. Eco-friendly Coffee and Tea Makers

Now that you have your organic, fair trade coffee and tea, let's talk about how to make that perfect cup. First thing's first. From the farm to your kitchen, it takes a heck of a lot less resources to produce a cup of tea than it does coffee. You might consider switching to tea, at least some of the time. Whichever you prefer, here is your Guide to Eco-Friendly Coffee and Tea Makers.

4. Eco-friendly Coffee and Tea Accessories

You've bought your fair trade coffee or tea, and you have invested in eco-friendly ways to brew your perfect cup. Now what do you put them in? Here are the 10 Coolest Eco-friendly Coffee and Tea Accessories, perfect for people who are on the go.

By making small changes to our daily routines, we can make big improvements in our environment. One latte or chamomile tea at a time!

The post was originally published on One Green Planet.

Image Source: asgw/Flickr