8 Ways to Bike Off Your Carbon Footprint This Summer

For years I've been wanting a bike. Not a mountain bike. Not a road bike en route to conquering the Tour de France. But rather, an old school vintage-style bike complete with a basket and maybe even some tassels for long leisurely rides around town without the guilt of wasting a tank of gas. For the first time ever I live in a neighborhood that would make such a thing possible-a neighborhood boasting lots of streets lined with pretty houses and a hidden gem of a park tucked away on the hill overlooking downtown Syracuse. How could I dare to ruin a scene so picturesque by barreling through it in a gas-guzzling SUV? Needless to say, I've gotten bike fever all over again. Fancy a pretty bike of your very own? Here are 8 of my current favorites. And, yes, most of them have baskets!

- By Cyd Converse
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