Wind Turbine Power - How to Make Free Electricity for Your Home

Wind turbine or wind turbine power is the easiest way to produce free electricity in areas where is no electricity network or if you are simply tired of paying the huge electricity bills every month . In order to use wind turbine power all you need is an average annual wind speed of at least 4.5 m / s (meters per second).

Small wind turbine power 100 - 2000 W (Watt - unit of measurement for power) can be easily installed and operated by the user with minimal knowledge of mechanics and electricity.
Wind Turbine PowerNo advanced knowledge is required to operate a Wind Turbine right away . You can check this video tutorials and step by step guides that will learn you all the steps required to set up an Wind Turbine and benefit of free electricity simply by using the wind power .

Low-power wind turbine is usually installed on a mast at a height sufficient to avoid obstacles around, but can be installed on roofs of buildings if they are not obstructed from the wind.

Low-power wind turbine are being built today in very different versions, can be in horizontal rotor axis rotor upstream or downstream of the wind with two, three or more blades, or rotor axis vertically, with systems safety cut-out wind mechanical or electronic, for different wind speed beaches.

The most common wind turbine is the rotor in horizontal axis rotor wind upstream, with three blades and tail. Wind turbines are equipped with small power generators with permanent magnets.

The number of magnetic poles of the generator influences both weight and size and speed at which the generator can produce electricity as follows: a generator with a higher number of poles will be harder, more voluminous and produce more electricity and at speeds lower than one with a smaller number of poles. Generators operating at a higher speed, as the mild, with fewer poles will wear faster and require a higher wind speed for operation at nominal power.