Guide to bold colors in the bedroom

Step out of your comfort zone. It's time to go bold in your bedroom. Turn up the heat with a bold color combination. You'll love the excitement it can bring to your bedroom. Let me show you how.

• Contrast

The quickest way to going bold in the bedroom is to use the power of contrast. The easiest way to contrast is to use lots of white as a backdrop and bursts of black throughout the room - followed with splashes of color. Try white walls, white bedding and a black headboard. Then add strong colors like sunburst yellow or hot pink to turn up the heat in the room. The contrast and color splash will make an instant statement every time.

• Colors that Pop

There are certain colors that just "pop" anytime you use them. Red is always a bold color choice. Darker and vibrant shades of blue command attention. And who can deny the power of purple? Bring any of these colors into your bedroom and they just scream bold without much else required.

• Emphasis on Color - Not Clutter

When you use bold colors, it turns the emphasis of the space to the color selection and not necessarily the specific items in the room. That's really good news when you're decorating on a budget. An orange accent wall with a plain orange throw on the bed and simple coordinating carpet on the floor is enough the carry a boldly colored bedroom. There's no need to fill the room with lots of accessories or high-end furniture.

• Intensity

Bold is all about intensity - use it to your advantage. Like combining purple with orange and green - they're all strong colors on their own. But, combined - now that's intense.

• Give Me One Good Wall

A quick and easy way to make a bold color statement in your bedroom is to immerse a single wall in color. Colorful accent walls can be created with a quick coat of paint or a single wall of wallpaper. And anyone who's ever hung wallpaper knows it's so much easier if you only have one wall to deal with. Grab all the attention you can get by creating a vibrantly colored accent wall as the backdrop for your bed. It may be the only bold color you need to make the room a stand out.

Check out the pictures and the inspiration for this article in the Bold Bedroom ideabook on Houzz. Then go bold for your next bedroom makeover.

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