Guide to end of summer skin care

The time for dunking in pools, shell hunting on sandy shores and soaking in the sun is over; how is your skin looking? By the end of summer it could need lots of tender, loving care. Nobody wants to end the season looking older and more wrinkled. Months of summer play can brutalize even protected skin. Take your end of summer skin care seriously and make the necessary adjustments to your beauty regimen.

Replenish washed out hair. I'm a swimmer. That's great for my body and bad for my hair. By the end of summer, my hair color looks dry and a bit brassy. End of summer beauty should include a replenishing hair treatment. Start at the salon. Ask your stylist to trim the ends and apply a deep conditioner to your hair tips. Freshen up a color job with a new color application or add lowlights for the perfect fall fix up. If you're on a budget, try a replenishing hair shampoo and conditioner at home. Mmm... Luxurious hair again!

Make the skin care product swap. After months of wearing your lightweight skin care, it's time to make the switch to products that have a touch of healthy oil or humectants in them. In summer, lightweight citrus gel products are best but in fall try those milk-based skin care products.

Fade away sun spots. Even the most diligent lady can end up with age or sun spots; especially after the skin reaches a "certain age." Examine your skin under bright light to find all summer spots. Treat your skin spots with a lightening cream.

Slough away dry patches. Break out the exfoliating scrub or make your own by mixing sugar, olive oil and essential oils together. Rub the dry patches for a minute before rinsing it away. Pay close attention to your elbows and knees but don't avoid the rest of your skin. For your face, try a clay mask. It's not as rough and will buff away tiny bumps.

Banish the alcohol. Good bye alcohol-based toner. Say hello to an alcohol-free formula. Read the labels on your favorite shower gels and bubble baths. Your skin will dry out fast with these scented items. Ditch them and embrace the alcohol free product lifestyle, at least until next spring.

Adjust your skin's moisture content. Now that temperatures are scheduled to drop, you can amp up the moisture. Dab on a hydrating moisturizer before slipping off to dreamland. Follow up hand washings with a luxurious hand cream.

Show off polished, vibrant looking skin this fall by following these tips for the end of summer. How do you transition your skin from summer to fall?

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