Is your guy cheating online: 7 signs to help you figure it out

Although it's great that the Internet allows us to reconnect with friends we've lost touch with, it also connects us to people all over the world and to exes we've cut ties with in the past. Both aren't necessarily bad things unless it's your guy who is doing the connecting in a not-so-platonic way. Some don't see it as cheating claiming it's "only words" and "not real life," but there have been many who have experienced very real hurt and pain after finding out their guy was having an online affair. You don't want to assume he's doing something wrong or accuse him without having proof, but what are some signs that his online activity may not just be sports scores and friendly chatting?

He never lets you use his computer

If a guy never lets you use his computer, there's a big problem. He either thinks you're going to completely screw his programs, he's planning a surprise for you or he's hiding something. If it's a constant thing, it's likely the latter. Try talking to him about it and trust your gut about the response he gives you.

He freaks out or gets nervous when you glance at his computer

A guy my friend used to date would close his laptop whenever she got near it. At first she didn't think anything of it, but then she realized he started getting almost panicked about it. She eventually found out he was cheating. Not to say that's what your guy is doing, but it's highly suspicious if he consistently hides the screen whenever you're around.

You spot suspicious looking messages

I used to date someone who I thought would be the last person on the planet to cheat - until a message popped up in his email right in front of me after he jumped in the shower. Without opening it I could see the first line of the email in the subject bar and I thought my head was going to explode. Our relationship was over from that minute. If you see a suspicious looking message, don't hesitate to confront your guy about it and find out what the deal is.

He won't give you any passwords

I don't care how much I trust the guy I refuse to give him my passwords, but I also have no problem checking my messages in front of him. Just because he refuses to give you his passwords doesn't mean he's cheating. Like me, he could just want to retain that privacy even if nothing fishy is happening. However, him not giving you his passwords is something to pay attention to if he's already exhibiting signs that something else might be going on.

He's spending more time online

There are some of us who are attached to the Internet more often than not, but if your guy is spending way more time online than he normally does, it may be something to be concerned with. Make a joke about it and see what he says and as always, trust your gut about the answer he gives you

His browsing history seems odd

There's no reason your guy should be browsing AdultFriendFinder, Craigslist Casual Encounters or something similar unless there's something going on. This doesn't mean you should jump on him and accuse him of being a cheater, but it's worth looking into to find out why he's been on those sites. It might also be a bit fishy if he's constantly cleaning out his browsing history. Most of us don't clean it out as often as we should, so if his is constantly clean, there might be a reason.

You find information on him that he's kept secret

If you happen to stumble on a Facebook profile you didn't know he had, it's likely because he didn't want you to know he had it. The same thing goes for a dating profile or any other social networking site. Before you bring it to his attention, you may want to do a little digging to find out what he could be up to.

Although all the aforementioned are signs that he could be cheating online, another one of the major signs is that he seems more distant with you and less interested in communicating. Usually one sign alone doesn't mean he's cheating, but two or more could be cause for concern. Pay attention to his actions more than words, listen to your gut and talk to him about things. You may be surprised what you could learn just from asking a simple question.

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