From a guy’s perspective: Why do guys flirt when they have a girlfriend?

The question of why men flirt when they are in a committed relationship is common among couples of all ages. The reason for this flirtation can range from completely innocent, to infidelity or cheating. Learn what the difference is between completely harmless flirting and flirting that leads to cheating.

He flirts with other girls in front of you

Guys flirt with other girls in front of you to make you jealous. We use jealousy as a way to keep you interested in us. This is similar to supply and demand; remember from your high school economics class? When you know that your boyfriend can get other girls, he is worth more to you and you will try to keep him longer. This type of flirtation is completely harmless because we have no intention of cheating or breaking up. The purpose is to make us seem more important and to give us a higher value of worth.

His text messages and voicemails are filled with other girls numbers

Smartphones are one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century that helps us monitor our relationship whenever we want. However, the downside is that cheating is also much easier. The technology aspect takes away the emotion that tells if we are going too far. What is the harm with sending some flirty texts, but not acting on it? Those texts betray trust and cross the line between acceptable and unacceptable relationship behavior. However, if the messages scream "just friends" with no serious flirting, then it isn't anything to worry about. Voicemails are a different category. When someone calls to leave flirty voicemails, it typically means that something is happening on a more personal level, including cheating.

He lies about seeing a girl he was flirting with

When you catch your boyfriend flirting with another girl, it could be completely harmless, especially if it is front of you. However, when he lies about seeing her and doesn't include you, it could mean he is cheating. Flirting in front of you and then seeing her behind your back is an indication that he is trying to impress the other woman.

Why do men flirt when they have a girlfriend?

Men flirt with other women for a variety of reasons, but most common include the fear of commitment, a boost in ego and jealousy. When we are afraid to commit to a serious relationship, it is common that we flirt with other women to know that we have other choices. While this sounds awful, it is a way to assure that we have control over the situation. When we flirt because we are afraid of commitment, it can lead to cheating and a swift end to the relationship. Another reason flirting occurs is because we want a boost in our ego. Women do this type of flirting as well. We flirt so that we know we are still attractive and can get someone else, but we are comfortable with our relationship and won't act on the flirting. When our ego is boosted, we actually are more comfortable within our relationship. Flirting due to jealousy occurs when we want our partner to get jealous of another woman. We do this so that our partner is more committed to the relationship and knows that we have someone else whenever we want. This type of jealousy is good for relationships because it makes both partners try harder to please one another, which can lead to greater fulfillment.

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