Guys to avoid on online dating sites

While there are certainly some wonderful and charming men on dating sites, there are more than enough jerks you have to avoid. Some women fall for it out of this want to be in a relationship, but if you're one of them, all you're likely to get is wasted time and a broken heart. Before you jump into the world of online dating or you sign back into the site again, make sure to stay away from the following creeps.

The rusher

The rusher gives out his phone number in the first message or even posts it in his profile. He'll ask you out for a date within two conversations and may even tell you how you'd make the perfect wife. Essentially, he reeks of desperation and will almost certainly take on the first woman who accepts his offer.

The taken

He's openly admits he's in a relationship or married but is still looking to have his fun. There are also those who come off as single but are actually taken. Some signs to look out for include him not showing his face in pictures, covering up identifying marks such as tattoos and not having a picture at all. If he's willing to cheat on his partner - openly or otherwise - he'll likely do it to you too.

The rebounder

You'll want to avoid the rebounder at all costs. He's easy to spot if he puts in his profile that he's recently out of a relationship, but if there's nothing mentioned, it could come up in conversation later on especially if he talks often about his ex. Until he gets over his ex, whether or not she's in the picture, you'll be his backup option. You're better off going for someone who is more open to a relationship and has healed (at least mostly) from the last one.

The jaded cynic

The jaded and bitter cynic is usually easy to spot. He has the profile riddled with comments about how he's gotten screwed over in the past or how he's back on the site after getting his heart broken by the last girl he met online. There may also be passive aggressive comments such as "If you're a lying, cheating s***, keep on moving because I don't need you." You don't need all his negativity and baggage.

The know-it-all

The guy thinks he knows everything about relationships and the world and has no problem describing in his profile how everyone should be and act. It sounds more like a personal statement than what's essentially an advertisement about yourself. If he acts that way in the profile, imagine how he'll act on a day-to-day basis.

The older guy wanting a younger woman

The older guy is in his late 30s or in his 40s (or older) and wants a younger woman who's in her late teens or early 20s. He won't go for anyone remotely close to his age thanks to his complex about wanting to feel younger by only dating much younger women. Should you go for this guy, it's very likely he'll move onto a "newer model" in a few years.

The sex seeker

He's not looking for a relationship or any type of commitment and even if he says he is, the sex seeker is just looking for a good time with no strings attached. If that's what you're looking for that's one thing, but if you want to be with someone long term, avoid anyone on the dating site who asks you to get together in the next couple of hours, makes sexual comments or tells you he's in it for fun.

The perfectionist

In addition to being a size 2, a woman must have perfect hair, teeth, breasts, legs and derriere as well as have a Masters Degree, high paying job, brand new car and everything else the perfectionist has on his list of wants and desires in order to even be considered for a date with the guy. If he "lowers his standards" a bit and decides to go for a woman who doesn't have every qualification on his list, he'll probably nit pick every little thing about her and what she does until one of them can't take it anymore and walks out the door.

The blank page

The guy has no interest in filling out a dating profile which means he isn't putting much effort into online dating. He's probably only on the site to search around and see what's out there. Either he's not into it or he feels weird doing online dating and likely won't commit to putting in the time to getting to know someone from the site.

I would love to tell you that there are not a lot of creeps on dating websites, but there are. However, there's also a good amount of great guys waiting for a great girl. It may take a little weeding to get through to them, but they're there. Don't hesitate to stick through all the horrible messages until you come across a guy who is worth getting to know.

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