From a guy's perspective: Why does my boyfriend ignore me?

How often should I call, text or see the person I am dating? This question arises frequently in a new relationship where too much contact can come across as overwhelming, while too little contact can make it seem like you are uninterested. Learn why men ignore you during a relationship and how you can change it for a successful relationship.

Constant contact makes us look needy

Have you ever wanted something, be it a car, new pair of expensive jeans, or a new purse, only to find out it wasn't as good as you thought it was? When we have to work toward a goal for something we truly want, the gratification of earning that want is much better than if it was given to us. When men come across as needy by calling, texting or constantly needing to see you, it makes us look like you were our last hope to find a relationship. Women may respond positively in the beginning of the relationship to this behavior, but after a few months, the needy behavior loses its appeal. However, some of us take this to the extreme by going days without talking to our girlfriends. If this is the case, you need to discuss this with your boyfriend and come up with a plan for seeing each other more.

He is afraid of commitment

A committed relationship is difficult because you lose your independence and have to change your habits to suit the relationship. When a relationship offers the best of both worlds, he gets his needs met and doesn't have to see you all the time, and he doesn't feel tied down. If he is afraid of commitment, ease into the relationship slowly by increasing the number of times you go on a date per week, until seeing your boyfriend every other day, or every day is commonplace. However, don't rush the relationship because it could cause him to push away even more.

He is dating other people

The sad reality of dating today is that cheating is more common than we like to admit. If he ignores you and seems distant when you do see him, but manages time to hang out with other women, then he could be seeing other people. While it is common to date multiple people before committing to a relationship, it is cheating when this occurs in a relationship. End the relationship if he is seeing other people, as it shows that he is not ready to commit.

He is busy

With smartphones gaining popularity, it is very easy to send a text, instant message, or email easily. However, if his hobbies and work life make it impossible for him to hold a conversation longer than five minutes, he could be avoiding talking to you. Try to schedule time to go on a date if he has a busy schedule that is dictated by his BlackBerry calendar.

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