9 Summer Runway Hairstyles in Just 10 Minutes

Cute hair-dos in less than 10 minutes? Yes, please!Cute hair-dos in less than 10 minutes? Yes, please!I tend to get bored with my hair pretty easily and scramble to find new hairstyles to try out. With the heat index shooting up and humidity damping my hair, I need to tame my locks in style. I'm noticing it's all about braids and vintage looks on the runways this year so I'm jumping at the chance to try out this amazing Rainbow Fish braid and the Vintage Diva up-do (see below). Best part? It only take less than 10 minutes to get these looks!

Which one of these 9 summer hairstyles is your favorite?

Rainbow FishRainbow FishRainbow Fish
How clever! Add a few strands of colored yarn and mix it in with your usual fish braid. Braid as if the yarn is your hair and got yourself a rainbow fishy.
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Heart BraidHeart BraidHeart Braid
Well, hello sweetheart! Get this angelic look by carefully braiding two braids opposite of one another. Make sure you have gel or mousse in hand to keep the baby hair in place.
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Braided BunBraided BunBraided Bun
It's all about the braids -- even if it's in a bun. This is the perfect bad-hair-day alternative if you don't have time for a wash and blow-out. Simply make two chunky braids and wrap until you make a bun. Don't forget to top it with a pretty little bow.
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Vintage DivaVintage DivaVintage Diva
Get the American look of the past with this loud vintage up-do. This is one of my favorite ways to play up head accessories -- you can literally tuck in anything in that poof!
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Beach WavesBeach WavesBeach Waves
Who knew you could use a hair-straightener to make curly waves? You must try this. Grab some hair products that help maintain the waves and iron away surfers!
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No bow? No problem. Take two strands of hair, tease it a bit, and tie the knot! A delicate bow for a delicate look.
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Side French BraidSide French BraidSide French Braid
Wrap the french braid around the bottom of your head instead of the top for this casual, effortless look. If you're as daring as the model to the left, try dying the bottom of your hair to create this ombre effect!
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Fishy Milkmaid BraidFishy Milkmaid BraidFishy Milkmaid Braid
Fish and milk sounds delicious -- maybe not together. But it sure looks good in a braided 'do like this one. It's charming and easy to hide oily hair, especially if you tend to have greasy bangs from your facial oil.
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Afraid to take the leap and chop off your locks? I am, too! Which is why I am so thankful I learned how to make this easy faux bob 'do. Trick your friends and try it out!
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- By Jaime Morrison Curtis
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