How To: Asymetrical Pony Tail

If you're like us, you left side ponytails the same place you left The Baby-Sitters Club and Debbie Gibson: the '80s. Modernize the asymmetrical style in seven steps, with help from Heather Olexa of Fox & Boy in Manhattan.

Step 11. Start by using a curling iron to bend your hair, not fully curl it.

Step 22. Spray hair with hairspray to hold the texture and give it a bit more grip.

Step 33. Bring the pony over to one side; pull it together with a hair tie.

How To: The Perfect Messy Side Bun

Step 44. Flip hair around holding it close to the head.

Step 55. Put two or more hair pins in your hair to keep the bun in place. Cross the pins for a strong hold.

Step 66. Spray hair with hairspray again to rough up the texture.

Step 7
7. Personalize your do by pulling out individual pieces.

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