Repair Winter-Ravaged Hair

Repair your winter-ravaged hair.

Winter hates my hair. I'm sure it's nothing personal, but come February, my hair looks and feels like a straw broom. Blasting the heater and wearing hats every day doesn't produce lustrous, silky locks. All those holiday splurges like highlights, lowlights and daily flat iron sessions can cause serious dryness and damage. Now that the wintry weather is coming to a close, heal your hair and add shine with good hairstyling techniques and quality hair products.

Go Free

Most of us tend to use the blow dryer just a teensy bit more in winter. Okay, a lot more. With warmer weather on the way, it's the perfect time to set your hair free from heated accessories. Update your look and select a low maintenance hairstyle you can wear naturally, without added waves or straightening. If you can't pry the blow dryer out of your hands, pop on a diffuser and give your hair a rest from direct heat. Diffusers work wonders on hair that needs some added volume.

Get scientific

Celebrate the end of winter by beginning a healthy hair regimen with Total Repair 5 with Ceramide by L'Oreal. Products like Restoring Shampoo and Restoring Conditioner cleanse and rebuild the hair fibers, bringing added strength and vitality. Wonder where your shine went? It flew south for the winter but you can get it back with Total Repair. Don't skimp on the other two power products in the line: Damage Erasing Balm and Multi-Restorative Dry Oil. Personally, I like buying an entire product line, not a piece from here and there. It keeps things so simple.

Replenish hair

Hair's biggest wintertime enemy is dryness. Repair scratchy winter hair by adding moisture a few ways. Plug up that humidifier and run it while you sleep. You'll get added moisture and hydrate your hair beautifully. Stay away from rich comfort foods and drink plenty of water. In extreme cases of dryness, apply a hair balm and leave it in overnight. Shampoo and rinse with cool water. Your mane will look silky and healthy.

Fight the flakes

If snow appears on your jacket and there's not a cloud in sight, it's probably dandruff. Fight the flakes by using adding a dandruff shampoo a few times a week. Massage your scalp with a soothing hot oil treatment once every two weeks until your dandruff disappears.

Winter hair didn't appear overnight but it shouldn't take long to restore your hair's natural beauty!

Content by Monica Bullock