2011’s Best Pop-Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Classic Halloween costumes, such as a witch or ghost, are worn year after year. But there are some costumes that are only culturally relevant once (except, perhaps for Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, who are repeatedly imitated). They're the hot ones everyone's buzzing about-ripped right from 2011's top entertainment news headlines. These are the ones we're predicting will be everywhere this Halloween.

1. Glee's Sue Sylvester

Spirit Halloween, $50

Two episodes into her third season, Glee's sharp-tongued athletic coach Sue Sylvester proves she's still on top by delivering some of the most laugh-out-loud-funny one-liners we've heard and hurling endless insults at her nemesis Will Schuester, including mocking his affinity for wearing vests by addressing him as "Weepy the vest clown." This year for Halloween, Sue's outfit is sure to be a hit because it's feared 'round the nation-and incredibly comfortable. Made up of a red track suit, white sneakers, whistle, and wig, this officially licensed Glee Sue Sylvester costume is sure to be a winner!

2. Flo from the Progressive Commercials

Etsy, $25

Although the quirky and adorable Progressive insurance spokeswoman named Flo debuted in television commercials in 2008, her popularity has recently skyrocketed and that's why we think this year is hers. How can you argue with a Facebook fan page that boasts almost 3.2 million "likes"? This costume comes with a Progressive apron, a "tricked out" Flo nametag, an "I Heart Insurance" button, and a ribbon for creating Flo's 'do!

3. Sucker Punch's Babydoll

Spirit Halloween, $50

You can escape from the mundane in this totally hot adult women's officially licensed Sucker Punch Babydoll costume and enter the world of fantasy and fun. The costume, inspired by the feature film that was released in March of this year, consists of a navy sailor-like belted top, matching skirt, black thigh highs, and black headpiece.

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4. Thor

Buy Costumes, $90

If you loved this summer's Thor you can become the superhero this Halloween in this costume, which includes a high-quality jumpsuit featuring 3-D armor, a detachable cape, and an intricately detailed helmet made to emulate the look from the popular film.

5. Harry Potter's Death Eater

Buy Costumes, $35

Die-hard Harry Potter fans will love transforming into Bellatrix, Narcissa, or any other female Death Eater from the last Harry Potter film with this horrifying costume, which includes a long black dress, Death Eater mask, and black cummerbund.

6. Glee's Cheerio Cheerleader

Buy Costumes, $40

Cheerios rule the school! Maybe you are on Sue's team or maybe you're in the glee club or maybe you go both ways, but either way you'll be dancing and singing in no time, so practice those moves! This costume works for Cheerios Quinn, Britney, and Santana!

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7. Katy Perry in Her "California Gurls" Video

Buy Costumes, $50

Katy Perry's "California Gurls" music video, featuring Snoop Dogg, premiered in June of last year, but the singer remains hotter than ever this year. With the Katy Perry "California Gurl" costume you'll actually look hot enough to melt a Popsicle and feel like you're living a teenage dream thanks to the outfit's light blue cropped molded cupcake tank and pair of sparkling, faux denim booty shorts.

8. Yellow Angry Bird

BuyCostumes, $50

Originally released as a free game for iPhones in December, 2009, Angry Bird's popularity continues to rise. With merchandise featuring its characters and even long-term plans for a feature film or television series and a combined 350 million downloads across all platforms and including both regular and special edition, 2011 is certainly the year of the Angry Birds. The all-new Yellow Bird costume will give you the opportunity to recover your eggs from those pesky pigs. Featuring a foam pullover and pillow pouch so you can add your own extra stuffing, you'll be the game of the party this Halloween!

9. Lady Gaga in Her "Born This Way" Video

Buy Costumes, $48

For a taste of that Gaga glam featured in her February "Born This Way" music video, opt for a trendy menswear look in the Lady Gaga Tuxedo costume, which includes a tux-style jacket with pointed shoulders, shirt front, black pants, and a bowtie. Gaga's album with the same title was released on May 23, 2011, and sold over one million copies in the United States in its first week-solidifying Gaga's reigning position as Queen of Pop.

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10. Harry Potter's Dobby

Buy Costumes, $50

Besides Death Eaters, we anticipate tons of Dobbys on the scene this Halloween as a way to honor the final Harry Potter film. Transform into a loyal and lovable House Elf in the Dobby costume, which includes an intricately detailed latex character mask and white tunic.

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