• Friends, clearly I'm all about candles this week. (Although I do believe I warned you of my obsession!) Earlier this week we talked about DIY candle holders that are perfect for fall. And today we're talking Halloween! Specifically, DIY candles that are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your home decor or your upcoming Halloween bash. There's no shortage of ghost and ghouls here, folks, so grab your hot glue gun and get your craft on -- here are 7 spooky DIY Halloween candles! - By Cyd Converse

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  • Killer punch, classy finger bites, and Gothic decor that breaks free of jack-o's for a sophisticated soiree.

  • Halloween is usually a big deal in my house. It is one of my favorite holidays and I have thrown a Halloween party every year for the last five years. In the past I've spent the entire month planning, decorating and cooking for the big event. But this year I just didn't have the time. I put it off the decorating until just recently and only gave myself a day to get things done. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty well. Here are a few great decorations I threw together in no time at all.

    Mad scientist buffet table

    Every year I do a buffet style dinner for my Halloween party. In the past I've either bought or made huge spooky looking centerpieces. This year, I wanted to do something different that was easier so I made a "lab" out of an old folding table. First I took an old white sheet and dripped red food coloring across it to look like blood. That became the tablecloth. Then I found some old glass bottles and filled them with water and different food dyes. I arranged those in

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  • You don't have to be a kid to love Halloween. In fact, adult Halloween parties are tons more fun than bobbing for apples or pinning the stem on the Jack-o-lantern. Outrageous costumes and awesome eats will set the stage for some freakishly fabulous fun. And don't forget that décor is the star of this show. Oh - and these three gruesomely grand Halloween cocktails, of course!

    The Black & Bloody Zombie Cocktail


    American Beer

    Tomato Juice

    Black Salt

    Cocktail Onions and Black Olives for Garnish


    1. Moisten rim of beer glass and dip into black salt to coat.

    2. Using a funnel so as not to disturb the salt, pour 6 oz. beer and 6 oz. tomato juice into the glass.

    3. Carefully mix.

    4. Skewer alternating cocktail onions and black olives for garnish.

    Zombie fact - The 1985 film "The Return of the Living Dead" introduced the very first connection between Zombies and brains.

    The Vampire Moon Cocktail


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  • Rhinestone Pumpkins

    Rhinestone Pumpkins

    Cast a sparkly Halloween spell with these quick crafts glimmering with bewitching baubles and ghoulish glitter. A little shimmer (or a lot!) adds notice-me pop to any eerie creation.

    The Shining
    Studded with self-adhesive craft store jewels, these blinged out pumpkins prove diamonds are a ghoul's best friend.

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    Vinyl Witch

    Vinyl Witch

    Witch Craft
    A dramatic vinyl witch rides through twinkling Styrofoam stars to delight trick-or-treaters. Get the downloadable templates and all of the haunted how-tos.

    Grave Condition
    Silver Tombstones

    Silver Tombstones

    Sugar pumpkins, stacked as skeletons, rest in peace on a macabre mantel. Spray-paint the gourds white, brush them with silver glitter paint, and let dry; create sunken sockets with black permanent marker. The final nails in the coffin: store-bought Styrofoam tombstones, embellished with acrylic silver paint; a leafy garland; and extra gourds lightly sprayed with gold paint.

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    Rockin' Pumpkins

    Rockin' Pumpkins

    Gleam Team
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