• by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD for SHAPE.com

    Pumpkin-flavored treats to avoid

    Pumpkin-flavored treats to avoid

    When I saw the New York magazine headline "Pumpkin Is the New Bacon," I have to admit, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Really?" But after reading the article, I get it. Pumpkin is popping up in dishes across the country.

    One research firm noted a 38 percent jump in "pumpkin presence" on menus since 2010, and another discovered a whopping 400 percent increase in pumpkin drinks in the past five years. Sometimes it shows up in unexpected ways, like pumpkin tacos. But too often, it's folded into decadent dishes such as pumpkin fritters.

    On its own, roasted pumpkin, and even unsweetened pumpkin puree, are nutritional all-stars, loaded with immune-boosting vitamin A and filling fiber. And it's relatively low in calories-one cup mashed clocks in at less than 50.

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    But when it's wrapped in layers of butter, refined carbs, and sugar, or simply a flavoring rather than the real deal, the benefit

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  • Sarah Ferguson, Lucky magazine

    Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year, but the weeks leading up to it can be very stressful. I'm always either still scrambling to think of a genius costume idea, or I'm struggling with how to make that idea come to life.

    Do I take the easy and dull route and buy the same unnecessarily revealing costume that a million other girls will have, or do I get creative with a DIY costume that will most likely end in disaster (like that Halloween I decided to create a shark fin head piece out of Styrofoam)?

    What I've come to find is that the only way to ensure simplicity and individuality (as well as sanity), is to just focus on the makeup. If you look like the character you're trying to emulate, your outfit doesn't have to be so elaborate.

    Click through to see how you can create the makeup for five different costumes, using only five products each.

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  • By Valerie Deneen for GalTime.com

    Marshmallow Pumpkins

    Marshmallow Pumpkins

    My daughter Emily and I love to do some Halloween "baking" every year. She thinks these marshmallow pumpkins are the coolest thing, and they are super-easy to make. Each marshmallow makes two pumpkins. Very frugal! Emily made these with very little help from me whatsoever. For a slightly healthier option, try slices of banana instead of marshmallows. I say, go for the marshmallows! After all, Halloween only comes but once a year.

    Begin by cutting each large marshmallow in half. It is scientifically proven that when you cut sweets in half, all of the calories spill right out! Related: DIY Pumpkin Candles
    Poke the skewer through

    Poke the skewer through

    Poke the marshmallow through a skewer.

    Put the marshmallow in water.

    Put the marshmallow in water.

    Let the marshmallow go for a quick swim in a small bowl of water.

    Time for the sugar!

    Time for the sugar!

    Cover with orange decorating sugar! Emily did a happy dance when we got to this step, and I think a happy dance is mandatory for this activity. It makes the marshmallows taste a little better. Related

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  • Source: Wrap Up Your Halloween Decorations With Paper Strip Pumpkins

    With just a sheet of orange construction paper, your tot can create this cute paper strip pumpkin that makes a really adorable holiday decoration, while you encourage your little one's budding cutting skills. Cut the strips the same width, or try thick or thinner lengths for a unique pumpkin. Threading the strips with the green pipe cleaner finishes the decoration and hones your child's concentration skills and focus. The cute paper strip pumpkins look adorable on mantels or dining room tables or on top of a favorite bookshelf.

    What You'll Need:
    • Orange construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Hole punch
    • Green pipe cleaner

    • Invite your child to position the paper vertically in front of her and cut a long, straight strip around one inch wide. Encourage your child to continue cutting strips, offering assistance as needed.
    • Now your child can create loops with the strips of paper,

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  • Let's face it -- not everyone has the time (or skills, or desire) to make your child's Halloween costume, and not everyone has the budget for a pricey costume. Thankfully, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a run-of-the-mill, same-as-everyone-else costume. There are plenty of store-bought costumes that are creative, well-made, AND cost less than $50! Here are 10 of the best: - By Michelle Horton


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