10 pretty, chic, long-lasting wreaths to use year-round

A generous dose of lush, freeze-dried peonies tucked into a circle of bay leaves. Peony Wreath, $98, wshome.com-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:15 PM EDT

While wreaths are an obvious holiday staple, they're also great for year-round use. I was reminded of this when I stopped by a friend's house over the weekend, where I was greeted by the most beautiful, fragrant ring of flowers on her front door. I love the idea of welcoming my own guests in a similar fashion. And beyond that, they're just a simple and stylish way to decorate your home-kind of like a really long-lasting, no-maintenance-requred alternative to a houseplant or bouquet. Inspired, I looked all over and found ten excellent options to be used indoors and out.