20 ways to use Mason jars

Even if you've never attempted canning your own foods, and never plan to, it probably still makes sense to stock up on Mason jars by the dozen (or, as a free alternative, saving old metal-lidded glass jars of tomato sauce or peanut butter after you're through eating their contents to reuse them later!). Not only do these kinds of containers, also known as Ball jars, have a charmingly old-school appeal, but they're incredibly handy when it comes to storing and organizing a myriad of goods throughout your house. Here, 20 ideas for making the most of mason jars. Do you have anything to add to this list?

For making salad dressing (instead of using a whisk, just screw on the cap and give the ingredients a good shake)
Storing pantry items like oats, pasta shells, beans, or rice
As vases
For loose change
For making a terrarium
Brewing iced tea
For pens and pencils
As a drinking glass
Storing baking supplies like flour and sugar
Cookie jar
As gift wrap
For balls of twine or yarn
In lieu of Tupperware (without absorbing stains or odors the way plastic does)
For small toys like Legos or marbles
As a votive holder
As a planter
For craft supplies like glitter and pins
For hardware like nails and screws
Candy jar
For bath salts or cotton balls