Cool, affordable wall art

This hand-silkscreened piece comes in a range of colors from lemon yellow to watermelon red to steel grey.-
Love Print, $30,
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 2:46 PM EDT

Artwork is one of the most important-and intimidating-details to try to get right in your home. The right piece adds so much warmth and personality to a space, and though of course what defines "right" is completely subjective, I think most of us can relate to the challenge of even defining what feels right for them and trying to figure out where to shop for it. To add to that, wall art is often dauntingly expensive, and then there's the commitment issues that come with knowing you're going to be staring at something whenever you're home, right there more or less at eye level, and that it's going to be nailed to your wall (and therefore kind of a pain if you ever decide to move it).

So, to at least alleviate the concern about having to spend a fortune, and to highlight some great resources for tracking down cool, affordable artwork, I've rounded up a mix of graphic, eye-catching options, all from different sites that offer a nice array of choices-and here, none top $35.