Extreme Homes: A Glass House

This stunning structure known as "The Glass Pavilion" looks more like a work of art than a 14,000 square foot home. Steel beams and glass make this Montecito California home appear weightless as it floats above the lawn. Check out our inside tour of this famous haven.

Designed by self-taught Architect Steve Hermann, this modern home truly brings the outside in. Glass walls everywhere allow you to enjoy the 3½ acres of oak groves from every room. A unique cantilevering process creates the appearance that the house is floating above the lawn, and the ceilings even look like they're floating above the walls. The 5 bedrooms and 5 baths offer plenty of room for a big family, and the hallways and public spaces are over-sized and have an open and airy feel. Forget about your average 2 car garage, this place has a massive 32 car showroom. (It's actually an art gallery for Steve's vintage car collection.) See all the stunning details inside and outside, in this week's episode. The glass pavilion can be yours, if you can afford the $35 million dollar list price.

See you next time on a brand new episode of Make Home a Haven.

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