Here's a truly sustainable and renewable kind of clean

Heather Tomasetti and Tal Chitayat, Full Circle BrushesHeather Tomasetti and Tal Chitayat, Full Circle Brushes
There are two questions that Tal Chitayat and Heather Tomasetti ask before any new material is added to their cleaning products: Where does it come from and where will it go? Considering the lifecycle of each product is core to the mission of their company, called Full Circle. Tal and Heather only want to work with sustainable and renewable resources. And when they select suppliers to work with, they insist on clean manufacturing methods and high environmental standards.

So which materials make the cut? Full Circle uses fast-growing bamboo, natural bristles, recycled plastic bristles, cellulose (a plant-based fiber), and a biodegradable plant-based plastic called Bonterra. Whenever possible, Tal and Heather use replaceable components to cut back on waste. They also pay a lot of attention to how their cleaning tools look and feel in your hand. Full Circle's Eco Friendly Brushes and SpongesFull Circle's Eco Friendly Brushes and Sponges The High & Dry scrub brush is designed to stand upright, so it dries faster and reduces bacteria growth. The Laid Back dish brush is arched to keep bristles from touching the counter, and the brush heads can be replaced. The Suds Up Set comes with a bamboo handle that holds dish soap for easy dispensing, and it features an interchangeable sponge or brush head. The set also includes two head replacements for the sponge and the brush. An amazing tool and a great value.

Cleaning is unavoidable, but it doesn't have to harm the environment. Full Circle lets you clean with care.

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