Little things to make your home cozy for fall

Making your space more inviting for fall can be as easy as apple pie -- an apple-pie-scented candle, that is. From autumn colors that will warm you to scents that will make your mouth water, discover some easy ways to refresh your space and revitalize your outlook without breaking the bank.

Fall fruit bowlFall fruit bowl


If your fall décor is wearing last year's colors, simply update with a few accent pieces in new hues. Adding just a hint of the latest and greatest fall colors will make your pieces look fashionable for a fraction of the cost of a makeover.

Some of this season's best choices are russet, copper, pomegranate, chocolate brown, pumpkin and asparagus. Introduce these shades in pillar candles, pillow accents, lampshades, tablescapes, picture frames, bath towels and bath accessories.

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Cooler weather usually means shorter, darker days, and one way to brighten everyone's spirits with fall decorating is with cheerful task lighting. Adequate light will also help you avoid mishaps, like stumbling over furniture in dim rooms.

If your existing lamps look tired, you can inexpensively update them with bright new shades with a bit of fringe or a subtle pattern. This is also a great opportunity to make the change to energy-saving bulbs.

If you have a more generous budget, stained-glass lamps and other specialty lamp designs don't just add illumination, they transform light into art. Adding a stained-glass lamp to a neglected corner can literally make it glow. You can also place one of these beauties in front of a window for nuanced light day and night.


Layering is a time-honored way to adjust to cooler temps and add warmth to your home. Add an area rug to your existing wall-to-wall carpeting to create a focal point or anchor a furniture grouping. Enhance an existing window treatment with a valance, or go all out and install a bolster. Drape a decorative throw across a chair, on the end of a bed or fold one casually on an ottoman. Layering is a fast, easy and versatile way to add snuggle power to your space.


You don't have to paint an entire room to make your walls look brighter. Baseboards, staircases and high-traffic areas start to show wear fastest, and a little spackle and touch-up paint to cover scratches and gouges is just the thing to quickly rehab and refresh your décor for fall.

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Using scented aerosol sprays to freshen up your rooms isn't the only way to create inviting aromas in your home. Instead, add a few dessert-themed scented candles. We love Yankee Candle's scrumptious fall collection, especially the creamy caramel, cinnamon roll and maple pancake candles.

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Another yummy option is a slow-cooked meal. With their updated styling, slow cookers are not only a fashionable kitchen accessory, they'll save you time and money.


Your garden may be heading into hibernation, but you can certainly indulge in some fresh blooms or refreshing greenery. An artfully displayed vase of fresh flowers can last up to a week in your home and cost as little as a few dollars, courtesy of your neighborhood market.

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For something more permanent, try iron plant, Chinese evergreen or pothos. This plant trifecta is super-hardy and needs little light. You can even invest in a couple of faux plants to mix in with the real ones.

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If your tables and countertops are beginning to look boring, add dimension and height with a trio of related objects - candles, jars or framed photos, for example - with variations in size and color. These collections, especially in groups of three, add drama and interest, update the look of a room and give you a chance to micro-decorate in a fun and inexpensive way. Mix it up, but always have a unifying element, like a color, shape or finish.

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There's no better way to refresh a kitchen table or countertop than with a big shiny bowl of autumn fruit. Colorful apples, pears and oranges are bountiful jewels in an autumn kitchen - and they're good to eat, too. Display fruit in pedestal bowls, apothecary jars, wicker baskets and even peeking out of burlap sacks, for inventive fall decorating ideas.

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Making your home fresh for fall is easy when you have light, color and aroma working for you. Using these tricks, you can create an impressive transformation in an afternoon and still have enough time left over to get some chili going in the slow cooker and throw a batch of cookies in the oven for dessert.